Time Out Singapore: Full Steam Ahead 2015

29 Apr 2015: Whether you’re looking to frolic in the sun or get down at a moonlit party on the sands, Full Steam Ahead’s got you covered

Full Steam Ahead

No offence, Thailand, but you can keep your full moon parties. We’ve got a killer one to call our own, and nope, we’re not talking about ZoukOut.

Full Steam Ahead has, since 2011, been Tanjong Beach Club’s answer to the famed beach raves up north. And this time ’round, the event’s moving from a nocturnal affair to a day-to-night fiesta with activities for the whole family. Here are the funky new things you can look forward to if you’re thinking of hitting up the sun, sand and waves this month.

The Sights

Rather than coming out only after the moon has risen, there are plenty of reasons for you to join the party while it’s still light out. The Hideout area of the festival settles your sun-drenched needs. Here you’ll find tarot card readers and snake charmers, and stations to try your hand at tie-dye, air hockey, beer pong and sunset yoga.

Those who prefer lazing around – it is the beach, after all – can get a massage there, too. Or if you’re hoping to unleash your inner island goddess (we’re not judging), then give the DIY coconut bikini classes a go. You don’t have to wear ’em, but if you do, grab a drink from a tiki bar to wash your embarrassment down.

The Chow

And don’t forget the food – you’ll need fuel to recharge over the full-day festival. In fact, just muscle your way straight to the food queues and thank us later. OverEasy sets up shop, dishing out its To-Die-For and Truffle Burgers (pictured), while Mexican joint Super Loco doles out tacos to keep the munchies at bay.