The Guardian: Gallery & Co.

14 Dec 2015: It’s not always a case of avoiding the ‘exit through the gift store’ bit. These striking and creatively stocked museum shops are worth a visit in their own right


The much-hyped National Gallery Singapore finally opened at the end of November, and it has partnered with a new collective called “& Co.” to launch a shiny shop called Gallery & Co. Only one quarter of it is ready – the rest is expected to be unveiled by January 2016 – but it’s already chock-full of cool souvenirs. On top of exhibition catalogues and postcards of artworks, visitors can expect unique keepsakes, such as umbrellas and soaps inspired by notable pieces of art on show, minimalistic marble clocks, and characterful accessories and clothing. A well-known cafe, Plain Vanilla, has also opened a branch there serving a selection of breads, pastries, and cupcakes.