Time Out Singapore: Halloween 2013 Guide

With All Hallows Eve creeping up on us this month, Gwen Pew and Maddison Capuano round up the best events where you can be scared silly.

Zombies celebrate the season of the (un)dead! Image courtesy of Universal Studios Singapore.

Zombies celebrate the season of the (un)dead! Image courtesy of Universal Studios Singapore.

30 Sep 2013:

Fright Nites

1-31 Oct
One of the newer attractions on Sentosa, 4D AdventureLand is offering three special Halloween options this month. On top of their usual rides Journey 2 the Mysterious Island, Extreme Log Ride and Desperados, which will be showing from 10am to 7pm, visitors can experience after-dark shows as well. Hold on tight in a motion-based capsule and try not to get engulfed by your host-turned-monster in Panic House, or sit on one of the 20 moving saddles and enter a virtual game to slay zombies in The Grip of the Undead. A special Halloween maze called Trapped will also take place on selected evenings (see website for schedule) – escape if you can!

Sentosa 4D AdventureLand 51B Imbiah Rd (www.4dadventureland.com.sg). HarbourFront. 10am-9pm. Children aged three to 12 $26.90, adults $38.90, includes unlimited access to the rides throughout the day.

Halloween Horror Nights 3

11 & 12, 18 & 19, 26 & 27, 31 Oct & 3 Nov
For the third Halloween running, Universal Studios Singapore is taking on a makeover in honour of all things terrifying. The theme park will be riddled with a number of haunted houses and mazes, designated scare zones and photo ops all designed to get your heart racing. This year, the central characters are three witches who have reincarnated as the ominous Daughter of the Undead, Maiden of the Opera and Crone of the Forest. The event is also perfect for those of you who can’t be bothered to dress up – masks and costumes are strictly prohibited here.

Universal Studios Sentosa. (www.halloweenhorrornights.com.sg). HarbourFront. 7pm-1am. $68.

Museum of Horrors – The Twins

18-31 Oct
Organised by *SCAPE with Movie Mania and Singapore Polytechnic, this scare fest returns for its fourth edition. This time, the storyline follows the vengeful spirit of a woman who was murdered by her sister before her wedding night, and participants will have to slither through a maze with seven realistic dioramic sets showing haunted places around Singapore – and pray that they won’t end up with the cursed wedding ring. Also look out for the Horror Workshop, which teaches you how grisly props are made, and take part in their Gruesome Photo Contest for prizes.

*SCAPE Warehouse Level 2, 2 Orchard Link (www.museumofhorrors.com.sg). Somerset. 6-11pm. $17-$20.

Cursed Studio

19 & 20, 25-27, 30 & 31 Oct
Once upon a time, we’re told, two radio DJs were murdered and one went missing in their studio after what initially appeared to be a power cut. No one ever found the culprit, but there are rumours that the studio is haunted… This Halloween, you will be given the task of entering the studio to find documents to prove what happened to the DJs – or else you will be trapped inside and become ghost-food. Each team can have a maximum of three brave souls, all of whom must be at least 13 years of age.

Chat Chat Media 30B Smith St (www.chatchatmedia.com/halloween2013). Chinatown. 7.30- 11pm. $48.

Sentosa Spooktacular

19, 25, 26, 31 Oct & 2 Nov
Sentosa and Thai movie production studio GTH are teaming up to bring five Thai horror films to life this Halloween. Through five haunted trails, guests are confronted with reenacted scenes from the films – namely Coming Soon, Shutter, Pee Mak, Body and Dorm – and are given tasks they must complete in order to ensure they survive the night, including finding all the body parts of a butchered corpse (gloves not provided) and bringing peace to the spirit of a schoolboy who died after falling down a well.

Fort Siloso, Sentosa 33 Allanbrooke Rd (www.spooktacular.com.sg). HarbourFront. 7-11pm. $66.60.

Race the Dead

26 & 27 Oct
This 5km dash across Sentosa will see you pitted against the flesh-hungry undead. At the beginning of the race, each runner is presented with two life-tags and must try and make it to the safe haven with at least one of these intact. Not only will this run test your fitness and speed – you will also be confronted by a whole host of obstacles and, of course, attacks by zombies coming at you from all sides. However, the fun doesn’t end once you cross the finish line, and even those who don’t survive the course can enjoy the live music and games happening during the evening. If you’re looking for more zombie action even later in the night, head down the street to Wave House on 26 Oct for the Zombieland afterparty, complete with DJs and dancers.

120 Tanjong Beach Walk (www.racethedead.sg). HarbourFront. 8am-8pm. $79.90.

X-Out Halloween Carnival

26 & 27 Oct
Forget zombies, witches and things that go bump in the night – the most deadly monster out there is your packet of cigarettes, according to X-Out Singapore, who will be hosting Asia’s first and only anti-smoking carnival this Halloween. There will be a number of games and activities to get involved with, such as an anti- smoking playback theatre, as well as the bloodcurdling Cigarette Path of Regret. This horror maze illuminates all the evils of smoking and aims to convince you to quit before it’s too late.

Singapore Expo 1 Expo Dr. (www.x-out2013.wix.com/home). Expo. 11am-9pm. $20.

Tanah Pusaka – Haunting Stories of a Land Possessed

31 Oct
Are you brave enough to let the ghastly monsters under your childhood beds come out at last? Then join MoonShadow Stories on the night of All Hallows Eve itself as Kamini Ramachandran, Verena Tay and others tell you local tales that nightmares are built on, involving characters like the bomoh [witch doctor] and toyol [poltergeist] from traditional Malay folklores.

The Arts House 1 Old Parliament Ln (www.moonshadowstories.com). 8-9.15pm. $25 (www.bytes.sg).

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