Time Out Singapore: Art Social Haus

Art Haus Social

10 Sep 2014: There has been a whole bunch of co-working spaces popping up around Singapore in the last few years catering to different professionals, whether they’re in need of an ad hoc meeting room or a just a desk to call office. Now, artists can say hello to Art Social Haus, a co-working space dedicated to fresh graduates or other new artists who can’t afford their own studios yet. Opened last month by Sheau Chen, an account manager for a London- based branding agency, and Erica Tsirtsakis, a designer with a boutique design agency – both of whom are part-time artists – the venue is tucked away on the tenth floor of a Tai Seng business hub.

‘We both wanted a place to make art outside our homes, with the possibility of meeting other fellow artists,’ says Chen. ‘I am a printmaking artist, but when I worked at home it always makes such a mess. Plus I have cats and their fur gets all over my works! So for artists with pets or children, this place is perfect.’

The high-ceilinged room is kitted out with lighting that imitates natural light, rows of easels, trolleys for whatever art supplies their members bring in, as well as a manual inking station. ‘Our space is flexible, suitable for painters, printmakers, sculptors, potters and ceramic artists,’ says Chen.

Plus, it’s open 24 hours a day, and members will be given access keys to pop by whenever they wish. For those who want to drop in during the weekend, they will have access to the building’s swimming pool, while monthly members can also use the gym if they need a break to get their creative juices flowing. Chen and Tsirtsakis have also sourced a pretty selection of quirky, homey furniture and created a hangout space in the corner, complete with a fridge, microwave, shelves for drinks and even a sofa for their members to socialise.

On top of that, the pair will be hosting monthly events at the space that are open to the public, including one on poetry appreciation and writing, and a tattoo art exhibition and workshop that will be happening from this month (see their Facebook page for more details).

Art Social Haus #10-08 Oxley Bizhub 2, 62 Ubi Rd 1 (www.facebook.com/artsocialhaus). Tai Seng. Daily 24 hours. Monthly rates start from $280/person-$400/three people; $35-$60 for weekend drop-ins.

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