The Muse: Crazy About Adrian Pang This Christmas (Interview)

Looking at actor extraordinaire Adrian Pang, 46, sitting across from me in casual clothes and a pair of black plastic slippers, all smiles as he leans against the wall with one leg carelessly flung across the other knee, he seems like the friendliest man in the world. And yet he declares that he’s a Grinch when … Continue reading The Muse: Crazy About Adrian Pang This Christmas (Interview)

The Muse: You’ve Got ‘Company’ (Interview)

As Singapore prepares for the arrival of a localised rendition of Stephen Sondheim’s 1970 Tony-award winning masterpiece Company, The Muse takes a sneak peek backstage and catches up with the show’s Director Hossan Leong and Choreographer George Chan. The concept musical is set in the home of protagonist Robert (Peter Ong) as his 10 coupled-up … Continue reading The Muse: You’ve Got ‘Company’ (Interview)