Time Out Singapore: ‘Starlight Express’ Preview

As Andrew Lloyd Webber’s popular rock musical about a child’s dream of trains hits Singapore this month, Gwen Pew gets three of the star engines to introduce themselves.

Rusty with (the not so trusty) Pearl. Image courtesy of BASE Entertainment Asia.

Rusty with (the not so trusty) Pearl. Image courtesy of BASE Entertainment Asia.

5 Nov 2013:

Greaseball (played by Jamie Capewell)

The look ‘I’m an Elvis lookalike with a massive dark quiff, shoulder pads like an American footballer, and very bulky in the muscle department. I also sport a headband with the Union Pacific [Railroad] logo on it and wear black, yellow and red.’
Personality ‘A bit of a show-off who loves himself and is king of the locker room. Charming and loveable, but little thick too… I also have a dark side and will do anything to win!’
Motto ‘Win, win, win!’
Best moves ‘Spinning, jumping [over fellow trains], riding ramps, lifting girls and lots more.’

Electra (played by Mykal Rand)

The look ‘I’m Electra, the engine of the future. My body is red, blue and silver. I have an electronic heartbeat on my chest and a Mohican that lights up. My face is very glittery.’
Personality ‘I’m very mischievous and dangerous when I don’t get my way. I’m a total control freak and I love myself.’
Motto ‘Electricity is taking charge!’
Best moves ‘My spins.’

Rusty (played by Kristoffer Harding)

The look ‘My main colour is orange – the colour of rust! I have a steam coal-burner on my back that keeps me going.’
Personality ‘Bouncy, lively, friendly guy – happy chappy.’
Motto ‘Bounce back and believe!’
Best moves ‘180-degree flips and tricks on the ramps.’

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