Time Out Singapore: Affordable Art Fair 2013

As its name suggests, the Affordable Art Fair (AAF) offers buyers a whole range of art that won’t break the bank. Nearly 100 galleries will be participating in the fourth edition of the event this year, with all works on sale for under $10,000. Here, Gwen Pew speaks to the directors/managers of three local galleries that suit a range of budgets to find out more about who and what you can expect to find at their booths.

'Heritage' by Beng (aka Benny Goerlach). Image courtesy of Culture Square.

‘Heritage’ by Beng (aka Benny Goerlach). Image courtesy of Culture Square.

6 Nov 2013:

Toni Chan, founder/director, Culture Square

Budget Under $1,000

Featured artists ‘A number of local and regional emerging artists, including painters Tilen Ti, Shelby Dillon and Danya Yu, mixed media artists Deusa Blumke and Fyerool Darma and printmaker Beng (aka Benny Goerlach). We’re also excited to bring work by very talented new artists Tay Lai Meng and Simon Ng Yong Heng, who have never been shown at the fair.’

Highlighted pieces ‘Our gallery showcases a lot of local talent in Singapore, including a variety of locally-themed pieces. Some notable pieces we’ll have featured are Shelby Dillon’s oil on canvas “Arab Street” ($589), Fyerool Darma’s “Anatomy of a Merlion” ($589), which whimsically depicts how our country’s mascot would look if documented as part of a historical anatomical study, and Beng’s silkscreen print “Heritage” ($490, pictured), which questions the cultural costs of Singapore’s rapid development.

Paige Tuieng, gallery manager, HaKaren Gallery

Budget $3,000-$5,000

Featured artists ‘We will be showcasing many collectors’ favourites from the last AAF, like Tian Xu Tong’s Zen series as well as works by Dr Kan Tai-Keung, Liu Jiahua and many others.’

Highlighted pieces ‘You may want to take note of Kan’s ink paintings. He is a 71-year-old world-renowned graphic designer and artist and his paintings range from $1,300 to about $9,000.’

Antoine Perrin, gallery manager, Mizuma Gallery (Japan)

Budget Over $7,500

Who to expect ‘We’re showcasing Japanese artists from our collection like Takashi Hinoda, Aki Kuroda, Natsunosuke Mise, Toru Ishii, Juri Hamada, Ai Yamaguchi.’

Highlighted pieces ‘“Untitled” by painter Aki Kuroda ($10,000). The artist has been living in Paris since the 1970s and is represented there by Galerie Maeght [which worked with major 20th century artists such as Joan Miro, Alberto Giacometti and Alexander Calder]. Another highlight is Indonesia-born Japanese artist Juri Hamada, whose reddish floral compositions – including “The Flower of Joy” ($8,000) – are made using the traditional Japanese painting techniques.’

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