Time Out Singapore: Alternative SG50 Logos

6 Aug 2015: We got ten artists and designers to put their spin on the unfortunately ubiquitous SG50 logo. They’re way better than the actual thing, if you ask us. Here are three examples

Wanton Doodle - SG50

By Wanton Doodle

‘It’s often said that the people make a nation, but I feel that our city’s skyline also speaks volumes. This pieces personifies the past structure as they co-exist with current and future ones.’

Yen Phang - SG50

By Yen Phang

‘I was exploring the idea of (an also paying tribute to) Singapore as a garden city, particularly the beautiful improbability of man-shaped nature within an urban city.’

Darren Soh - SG50

By Darren Soh

‘I used People’s Park Complex as the backdrop. It’s neither new nor fancy, but it embodies a small island growing into nationhood when it was built in the ’70s.’

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